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Chemnitzer Wappen (animated GIF)

This may be the 1st example of dynamic heraldry (?).

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Important Events in Chemnitz' History

Sights (selection only!)

Chemnitz' sights
(shown in simple BAHN graphics)

  • Town hall (old one 15th/16th century, and new one)
  • Red tower (12th/15th century, last existing part of the old town fortification)
  • Karl Marx monument (by Lew Kerbel, USSR, about 1968)

More Information / Interesting Links

Chemnitz on maps:

Part of the "Sächsische Maschinenfabrik vormals Richard Hartmann AG" factory, about 1900:

Hartmann Chemnitz

Tramways/Streetcars of Chemnitzer Straßenbahn AG and VEB Nahverkehr Karl-Marx-Stadt (925mm):

Chemnitz/Karl-Marx-Stadt 925mm (Zoom2)

Tramway trains of the Chemnitz Verkehrs AG and Citybahn GmbH (public transport companies):
Tatra T3D+T3D+B3D, manufacturer ČKD Prague 1969-1987, modernized by DWA Bautzen,
and "Variobahn" 6NGT-LDZ, manufacturer Bombardier Bautzen 2001


Tramway train of the Chemnitz Verkehrs AG:
"Variobahn" 6NGT-LDZ, manufacturer DWA Bautzen/Adtranz 1998


History of the Tramway/Streetcar Network

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There follow some older photos. They are of low quality, but you cannot take the most of them again today.

Lines to Altendorf - Rottluff (route 3) and Kappel - Siegmar (at least route 3)
Until 1988 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) ran trams on 925mm gauge tracks. The following pictures have been made about 1980. (route 3 Rottluff-Siegmar). The last of these cars have been built in 1929.
Short before the Rottluff terminus, in winter
The same place, in summer
Limbacher Straße in Altendorf
Zwickauer Straße in front of depot Kappel (3 tracks)
in front of the Kappel depot
parked train of route 13 (did run in peak hours only)
Zwickauer Straße at Volksgut Höckericht
(in the background the A8 motorway, today A72)
Generally we had right-handed traffic, but there were some exceptions for trams ;-)
same place (later named NILES), other direction
between railway station Siegmar and the brewery Reichenbrand
in the background the railway line 410 (today 510) to Dresden, Zwickau, Plauen, Hof, Nurenberg
Loop at terminus Siegmar: The tracks inside the loop had been used for parking additional trains used in peak hours.
Line to the Kaßberg hill (Westraße/Kochstraße) (route 8)
The line to the Kaßberg hill was short but interesting. The most pictures here are from the day of abandoning (1983-Oct-15).
The "Kaßbergauffahrt" was the most frequently photographed section. At the upper end there were situated some authorities who did not like photographers. Look at the traffic sign in 4 languages (forbidden for foreign military missions).
Route 8 reached the stop. This stop -and the other one at the upper end- existed only in down direction. Both were compulsory stops for checking the brakes.
Motorized car number 317 is climbing the hill.



Using of sand was needed in both directions. At the left rail only, to prevent the car from getting electrically isolated.

right side: Also this car did not overturn...





Not much information...(Tells only that the stop will move, but not that the bus is to use instead of a tram) But the timetable has been typed manually on typewriter and it was more dense than today.



Already in 1983 photographers stood in the other ones view...



The doors were always open. Only the door nearest to the driver was closed sometimes, in winter.

8800.jpg 8900.jpg
"Changing the type of public transport" with a lot of spectators at terminus Weststraße/Kochstr.


The last trains left the line as special courses, without passengers. Nevertheless, the first buses had been empty...


This picture was taken definitely later (in 1984/85). The route 3 has got Gotha trailers, the Wilhelm-Pieck-Straße (Theatre road) still has not been rebuilt and contains two tracks.

On the other side, new lines have been built:
Opening of the line to Stollberger Str./W.-Sagorski-Straße (Morgenleite) on 1979-Oct-07 (route 5)
4010.jpg 4030.jpg

Neither roads nor buildings have been finished.

Only a construction site marks the place of the later residential blocks. But the tram is already there.

Opening of the connection Brückenstraße on 1997-Aug-06:
c_br97.jpg On this day the motorized "Party" car 1102 (LOWA ET54 ex Dresden) did run as additional service on route 2 Bernsdorf - Hauptbahnhof (Central railway station).

Citybahn to Stollberg (Erzgebirge):

The railway line Chemnitz-Stollberg (Erzgebirge) was re-opened as tram train line 522 on 2002-Dec-14.

The line has been equipped with overhead power lines, using 750V DC voltage.
The rolling stock consists of six low-floor Variobahn cars 411-416, similar to the ones used on the CVAG tram lines.

CBC in Stollberg

Two trains of the Citybahn Chemnitz (CBC) at Stollberg (Sachsen) railway station on 2002-Dec-26

CBC 414

Variobahn railcar 414 of Citybahn Chemnitz (CBC) arriving to Chemnitz-Harthau Friedrichstraße on 2010-Apr-26

Opening new route 4 line on Stollberger Straße on 2004-Mar-20:
Stollberger Str. 2004-Mar-20 dito

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