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p_u BAHN Download, Documentations, Layouts (netfiles), Graphics, Vehicles, Info and Videos worldwide
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BAHN Download, Documentation, Layouts, Graphics, Vehicles, Info and Videos worldwide

BAHN Graphics



fla_deu fla_eng Collection of additional graphics for BAHN
site by J. Richter, DE
files by certain authors
BAHN Layouts and Graphics

fla_deu Layouts and additional graphics for BAHN (scenery and vehicles)
site by F. Gappe, DE
files by certain authors
Polish BAHN web pages

fla_pol fla_eng BAHN Information
by K. Bojda, Siemianowice (PL)

Layouts (Poland...)
incl. BAHN download

Czech BAHN pages

fla_ces BAHN layouts and vehicles
by T. Mykl, Plzen/Pilsen (CZ)
incl. BAHN download
Electric Soup

fla_eng Information about BAHN, Layouts (Scotland...)
by I. Logan, Scotland/UK
New York City Subway Resources

fla_eng BAHN and BAHN layouts (net files) worldwide
incl. BAHN download
Nurenberg+Saarbahn info
(and Brasov, Romania)

fla_deu News about Nurenberg, NT3: Nurenberg, Saarbahn (Germany), Brasov/Kronstadt (Romania) and others
by M. Wilhelm, Nurenberg (Germany)
incl. BAHN download
Vienna layout

fla_deu Current layout Vienna and around (whole East-Austria till Bratislava)
by F. Köck, Vienna (AT)
more layouts, e.g. Dresden, Chicago, London, New York, Prag, Bremen, Denver, Budapest
Terry Guntrip's page

fla_eng BAHN and layouts
by T. Guntrip, UK
BAHN in Moscow and ex-USSR (EN) (RU)

fla_eng fla_ros BAHN layouts and news from the former USSR countries
by A. Zabreyko, USA
Veikko's site

fla_deu BAHN layout "Dresden-Pirna", info about BAHN and the real railway
by V. Voigt, Offenbach/Pirna, DE
The Canadian BAHN Page

fla_eng BAHN in Canada
Layouts, Information, Links
by J. Bow, Ontario, CA
Дополнения для BAHN / Addons for BAHN

fla_ros fla_eng BAHN and Addons
Layouts, Vehicles, Information, Links
by A. Planson (А. Плансон), Israel
Movies/Videos and Screenshots about BAHN
Vehicles for BAHN

fla_deu (fla_eng) Technical details and background info about BAHN
by G. Noack, DE
Vehicles for BAHN
by R. Reckers, DE
BAHN Blog with videos

fla_deu Info and videos about BAHN details and handling
by "Yenz", DE
Berlin 1989

fla_deu Very detailed BAHN layout of Berlin and surroundings in 1989, with much background information
by S. Krah, DE
Bahnsimulation, Verkehrssimulation, Train Simu

fla_deu Railway sims and add-ons with special focus to Switzerland
by E.G. Triet, CH

Talk about BAHN fla_deu fla_eng fla_ces fla_pol fla_ned fla_hun (ES) fla_fra fla_ros fla_ita fla_nor fla_dan ...

BAHN Message board

Other railway-related Software

by C. Hölscher

fla_deu Railway cab sim for Windows

fla_eng Large international list of rail related software (model railroading, timetables, simulations, picture archives...)
BAHN-Bilder (pictures)

fla_deu Railway pictures
by T. Wendt, Berlin
EISENBAHN.EXE professional (EEP)
by TREND Verlag GmbH, Buggingen, and Software Untergrund, DE

fla_deu Virtual Model Railway
M&M Meyer Software

fla_deu fla_eng Screen savers (for MS-Windows) and other software

fla_eng fla_deu

Transport simulation (railway, road, ship)
by H. Malthaner, Stuttgart, DE

for MS-Windows, Linux, BeOS


fla_eng Railway simulation for Windows
by M. Goodspeed (?), GB

fla_eng Railway screensaver with many vehicles, highly variable configurable, Freeware
Cities in Motion
by Paradox Interactive / Colossal Order, FI

fla_deu fla_eng fla_fra Simulation of public transport

MS-Windows XP/Vista/7 needed



Traffic Simulation
by Johannes Kirschner, DE

for MS-Windows 7..11

Links related to Railways / Tramways/Streetcars/LRT / Model railroading

ERS: The European Railway Server (ex Mercurio)

fla_eng Picture gallery, vehicle lists, liveries, links...
Blickpunkt Straßenbahn ("Viewpoint tramway")

fla_deu Very informative German magazine
incl. international reports
(also about metros, suburban trains, trolley buses, buses)
Drehscheibe Online (DSO, "Turntable Online")

fla_deu German railway magazine
many message boards, also tram/streetcar/metro, model railroad, museum railways, railway history
MIBA online

fla_deu a German publishing company specialized in model railroading
Rent a Bim

fla_eng fla_deu Association of railway friends (Austria, Vienna)
(Verband der Eisenbahnfreunde)
Working group Tramway
Denkmalpflege-Verein Nahverkehr Berlin e.V.

fla_deu News from Berlin

incl. working groups in Potsdam, Frankfurt/Oder and Eberswalde (trolleybus)

Berliner Verkehrsblätter

fla_deu Magazine about public traffic in Berlin and around (German language)

Informations of the association Berliner Nahverkehr e.V.

Chemnitz information

fla_deu News from Chemnitz tram (museum, events, historical cars, tram history)

Bier am Bahnhof (beer near by the railway station):

fla_deu Where to find something to drink when travelling by train?

Important infrastructure information, for CZ only now

Norwegian RailwayClub's homepage

fla_nor Railways and model railways in Norway
T3 Club Ostheide

OHE Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG

fla_deu Info about a railway club and a private railway in Germany
by K.-D. Tröger, Suhlendorf, DE
Internet for railway friends

fla_deu Links, pictures, infos about original and models
Miniatur-Wunderland Hamburg (MiWuLa)

fla_eng fla_deu Large model railway layout in Hamburg, DE
Software around railway and model railroading

fla_deu by G. Spießhofer, Reichenbach im Vogtland (Germany)
Dave's trains

fla_eng Model railroads
especially postwar Lionel trains
Search engine about railway-related topics

fla_eng Railway software, model railroads, railway information, pictures

fla_deu History and pictures of T4D and his relatives
by Ch. Jähne, Karlsruhe

fla_deu Railway around Osnabrück, Haller Willem (DE)
by I. Siegmann, Hannover

fla_deu Portal about Swiss railways
photos, webcams, message boards
by S. Hartmeier, CH
Trams en Modeltrams

fla_ned Trams and model trams
by P. van Bommel, NL

fla_deu Online bookstore about [model] railways incl. Merchandise, Software, Videos, DVDs...
by Ph. Schaeffer, Salzgitter, DE

fla_deu Current info about railways and public transport, fares, schedules, events, books & software

fla_deu Online shop for model railroad friends
models, books, videos

fla_dan fla_eng fla_deu Tram/streetcar pictures from all over the world (mostly Europe)
with descriptions, links and infos about companies, museums, cities
by H. Boye, DK - The Internet Railroad Directory

fla_eng Guide to 17,000 rail-related websites
including train travel, model railroading, railfan resources, train simulators, and railroad industry sites
by Ch. Muller, US

fla_deu Track maps of tramway, LRT and metro networks
by Ch. Stade, DE


fla_fra fla_eng Track maps of metros, tramways/streetcars, LRT systems (focussed to France)
by F. Jarrier, FR

Straßenbahnen Online
(Tramways/Streetcars Online)

fla_deu Overview about Tatra cars, info about tram Plauen (Vogtland, DE), message board, links
by J. Zaumseil, DE

Maharajas’ Express Train
(Luxus train travel in India)

fla_eng Maharajas' Express train is a world of red carpets & high teas with maharajas of India. One of the most luxurious trains in world, it offers 5 exclusive rail journeys.

DB 143 + bi-level push-pull train

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