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At this page there are shown some screenshots grabbed from BAHN (versions 3.40 to 3.88). The correct display of the colors is depending on the hardware and software used and its configuration. At some pictures, the number of colors has been reduced.

There may be needed some time for loading the pictures, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

You may publish these pictures elsewhere as you like. However, please make a local copy (no "wide link").

Demo layout, at railway station:

Demo_0 at station

Demo layout in schematic view, display of routes turned on (BAHN 3.85):

Demo layout in schematic view (BAHN 3.85)

Demo layout in schematic view, display of routes and destinations turned on (BAHN 3.88):

Demo layout in schematic view (BAHN 3.88)

Demo layout in schematic view, display of all train texts turned on (route code, train number, departure time / waiting duration, destination, BAHN 3.88):

Demo layout in schematic view (BAHN 3.88)

Demo layout, inner city scenery in enlarged view M2:1 (BAHN 3.85):

Inner city scenery (BAHN 3.85)

Dresden (DE) Hauptbahnhof (Central railway station) (BAHN 3.83):

Dresden Hauptbahnhof (BAHN 3.83)

Dresden Postplatz (main tramway node, status before 2005) in different Zoom levels:

Dresden Postplatz, Zoom

Dresden at night:

Dresden, at night

Ellerbek VBf (WN3-Regio, by Jan Eisold, DE):

Ellerbek VBf (WN3-Regio, Jan Eisold, DE)

Chicago (US) Lake Transfer (BAHN3.40/3.81):

Chicago Lake Transfer (BAHN3.40/3.81)

Chemnitz (DE) Section of inner city 1929 (BAHN 3.80):

Chemnitz 1929 (BAHN 3.80)

London (UK) Docklands Light Railway at West India Quay (BAHN3.40/3.81):

London: Docklands Light Railway at West India Quay (BAHN3.40/3.81)

Rotterdam (NL) Centraal Station pre-station area tram+metro (BAHN 3.81):

Rotterdam C. Tram+Metro

Cologne (Köln, DE) Hbf / Central station (by Daniel Lorbach, DE):

Cologne Hbf (Daniel Lorbach, DE)

Frungelau (WN3, by Jan Eisold, DE):

Frungelau (WN3, Jan Eisold, DE)

Hockenthal Südbf. (WN3, by Jan Eisold, DE):

Hockenthal Südbf. (WN3, Jan Eisold, DE)

P-Town Linzow Krestewitz (by Sascha Claus, DE):

P-Town Linzow Krestewitz (Sascha Claus, DE)

Wanderwitz St. Josefskirche (by Sascha Claus, DE):

Wanderwitz St. Josefskirche (Sascha Claus, DE)

Weinböhla Postplatz (by Lars Müller, DE):

Weinböhla Postplatz (Lars Müller, DE)

Weinböhla Parkschule (by Lars Müller, DE):

Weinböhla Parkschule (Lars Müller, DE)

Weinböhla Florenc (by Lars Müller, DE):

Weinböhla Florenc (Lars Müller, DE)

Weinböhla Museum (by Lars Müller, DE):

Weinböhla Museum (Lars Müller, DE)

BAHN runs also on Linux/Ubuntu with CrossOver (BAHN 3.86r3, by Nik Paulussen):



Some DB vehicles, Zoom2:

some DB vehicles, Zoom2

Vehicles with Zoom4 graphics (BAHN 3.85):

Zoom4 vehicles (BAHN 3.85)

Zoom4 vehicles (BAHN 3.85)

Dialog Edit Train (BAHN 3.86r3, color configuration altered):

Edit Train (BAHN 3.86r3)

Dialog Timing point (BAHN 3.86r3):

Edit Timing point (BAHN 3.86r3)

Dialog Stop Signal (BAHN 3.85r3):

Dialog Stop signal (BAHN 3.85r3)

Dialog Distant Signal (BAHN 3.85r3):

Dialog Distant signal (BAHN 3.85r3)

Dialog Signal Switching Contact (BAHN 3.85r3):

Dialog Switching contact (BAHN 3.85r3)

Dialog Request Contact for Itineraries/Signal Systems (BAHN 3.88r3):

Dialog request contact (BAHN 3.88r3)

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